You can integrate them in an existing subscription or keep them in a separate subscription. With Enterprise subscriptions, Threema Work users’ contact lists can be managed as follows: Label internal contactsThe colored dots next to a contact indicate the verification level. With Threema Gateway, Threema can be integrated into existing software applications. Threema Work supports Android Enterprise (Android 5.0 or higher) and Managed App Configuration (iOS In jeder Art von Support wird darauf gebaut und Bezug genommen - doch bei mir erschient weder ein entsprechender Button noch Menu.Dadurch kann ich auch keine Nutzer-Zugangsdaten… Secure and private Messenger. Multiple devices can be activated using the same credentials: An ID revocation cannot be undone and is only available to administrators of Enterprise subscriptions. Add contacts to your users’ contact lists. If a contact is deactivated after it was already made available, it will remain in the contact lists of the current users, but it won’t be labeled with two blue dots anymore. If the VAT Reg No is not stored in the profile, the country-specific VAT must be billed in addition to the purchase amount. Learn more…. Set th_safe_enable to false to prevent your users from using Threema Safe. “Robert Smith”). By opening an activation link, the app gets unlocked. Discover the key facts and see how Threema performs in the messaging app ranking. If your company uses MobileIron AppConnect, please refer to this article. A user can choose any nickname, and it might not correspond to the actual name of said user (e.g. As Enterprise user, the management cockpit allows you to: In addition, Enterprise customers can manage users and subscriptions via API. Users don’t need to enter a password when re-installing the app or switching to a new device and can continue to use Threema Work immediately. Threema Work provides all the features you expect from a state-of-the-art instant messenger for organizations. der Red.) To revoke an ID, navigate to Users in the management cockpit. The same ID cannot be used in two apps simultaneously. Threema work can be easily distributed, either with or without an mdm system. Threema Web is available for both the Android and the iOS version of the Threema Work app. Open the menu “Threema MDM” in the Threema Work management cockpit, which expands the submenu In this case, the contact list will show the name stored in the local address book instead of the nickname. must be granted, Third parties can gain access to this data, The encryption used in them is not verifiable, There is no means for administration and user management, There is no strict separation between personal and professional communication, Clear distinction between personal and professional communication, Launch the Threema Work app, and enter the credentials you have, Presence of a revocation password (yes/no), Bitmask of features supported by the version in use, Push token of the service in use (GCM/FCM, APNS), Name of the chosen sound file for push messages, In the subscription overview, select the trial you wish to convert, In the trial’s management cockpit, navigate to “Overview”, and click “Buy now!”, Specify the desired number of users, select your preferred currency, and click “Next”, VAT Reg No (with this information the VAT is omitted on quotations and invoices), Order details (supplier no. No other browsers are supported. Threema Work offers several backup options that differ in various respects: By default, all backup options are available. Individual agreements are not possible. parameter change has in the app. Threema Work is tailored to the needs of organizations and intended for corporate use. No other messenger offers a comparable level of security, metadata restraint, and confidentiality. In the management cockpit, navigate to “App customizing > Contacts > Mark internal contacts” to (de)activate the blue verification level. Please refer to the Terms of Service for details. Revoke Threema ID Use the Please note that a mobile device (on which the Threema Work app is present and activated using credentials) is required; it’s not possible to use Threema Web without a mobile device. Threema is the world’s best-selling secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers, corporations, and governments. true to exclude Threema data from OS backups. Threema Work. disable video calls without disabling voice calls. Both Threema and Threema Work are compliant with the new EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Warum kostet Threema Geld? To run the app in combination with our official server infrastructure, you must have bought a license either on Google Play or in the Threema shop. Use MDM parameters to restrict some or completely disable all backup options: To prevent your users from creating any kind of backup, use th_disable_backups. The subscription term is twelve months and will be automatically extended for another year unless duly terminated. The work was requested by the Threema team and then executed by Cure53 in October 2020, precisely in CW42. Threema Work can be deployed to the intended users in a few simple steps. For personal use, we recommend the standard Threema version. To prevent this, set the MDM parameter th_disable_data_backups to true. Basic app features. Using the Threema Work API, you can automate administration and user management. Threema calls: UDP port 3478 needs to be open for outgoing connections. If a user wants to use their existing Threema Work ID in Threema after leaving the company, the administrator must first detach the ID from the subscription. If you have already set th_disable_backups to true, it’s not necessary to set the th_safe_enable parameter. Threema wird künftig mit seinem eigenen Support-Team auf dem Threema-Forum präsent sein und sich aktiv an den Diskussionen beteiligen. ‎Threema Work is the highly secure and easy-to-use messaging solution for companies and organizations. Terms of Service). Due to the end-to-end encryption applied, it is not possible to create transcripts with the Threema Work management cockpit or the API. Once the project is finished, you can withdraw their access to the Threema Work app and/or revoke their Threema IDs. I would argue that many of the of these "successful" SV unicorns do more damage than any good. Threema is an end-to-end encrypted instant messaging application for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Threema started life as an acronym: 'eeema' being derived from end to end encrypted messaging application. Increase your employees’ identification with the app by placing your logo in the app’s header. The following browsers are supported (on any operating system): Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Chromium, Opera, and Safari. 8.0 or higher). Using Threema MDM, you can even preconfigure the app for your users. First, make sure that th_disable_backups and th_skip_wizard are not set to true. If your server requires authentication, please specify username and password in th_safe_server_username and th_safe_server_password, respectively. If you need more users than are currently licensed (100 in the example above), simply click on “Increase Rollout and configuration using a regular MDM system. ), Automatically disable notifications outside of working hours, Silently agree or disagree to received messages, Hide confidential chats and password-protect them with a PIN or your fingerprint, make voice and video calls on tablets and iPads, Use on tablets or devices without a SIM card, Threema Broadcast: Top-down communications at your fingertips, Integration into third-party applications using Threema Gateway, European General Data Protection Regulation, Ordinance to the Federal Act on Data Protection, adequacy decision of the European Commission 2000/518/EG, Set up a trial subscription without obligation, prices indicated on the Threema Work website, Offer for NGOs and educational institutions, What to consider when defining credentials, Manual deployment for unmanaged devices (without MDM system), Threema MDM: Remote app configuration in the management cockpit (without a regular MDM system), MobileIron AppConnect vs. Android Enterprise, Activation of the app using activation links, Including external or temporary employees, withdraw their access to the Threema Work app and/or revoke their Threema IDs, Restrict communication to internal contacts (closed user group), Withdrawing access to the app or revoking an ID, Integration into Active Directory and similar directory services, Walkthrough: Adjusting the app with Threema MDM, Meaning of the tilde character in the contact list, Appearance of new users in the contact list, Walkthrough: Use Threema Safe to automatically create backups, Differences between Threema and Threema Work, restrict the communication to contacts contained in the contact list. If the ID is used again in conjunction with credentials of this subscription, it will reappear in the list of active users. Within about an hour, the affected user will be unable to send and receive messages. The software is based on the privacy by design principles as it does not require a phone number or any other personally identifiable information. This walkthrough is based on a fictitious example in which the administrator wants to allow the creation of group chats only for individual users, whereas the majority of users is not allowed to create group chats. As a Threema Work administrator, you can revoke a user’s Threema ID even if they have set an ID Revocation Password. The Threema Work app must be installed on the device in order for the activation link to work. Wer Threema Work kennt, gibt nicht nur einen Stern Offenbar geben Leute hier ständig 1*-Bewertungen ab, die nicht mal den Sinn von Threema Work verstanden haben bzw. Threema was created with data protection in mind, and it is designed from the ground up to generate as little metadata as technically possible. The Threema Work apps are open source, and the Cryptography Whitepaper contains comprehensive information about Threema’s technical architecture. Threema Work. Threema Work Android Apps On Google Play. This configuration enforces the use of Threema Safe. Chat from your desktop with Threema Web and have full access to all chats, contacts and media files. Dieses ist ja gerade der Vorteil bei Threema Work/ Threema Education. Many of the apps that are used for business purposes don’t meet legal data-privacy requirements. “Global values”. The installation process for this is similarly straightforward and decentralized; simply scan the QR code on the web browser to synchronize the app to your mobile account. If staff changes occur, an individual user’s access to the app can be withdrawn via the MDM system. The management cockpit and Threema’s directory server sync once per hour. Often used under the radar as “shadow IT”, messengers like WhatsApp pose several risks: The legal requirements for chat services have tightened once again with the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). A phone number is not required to use Threema Work. Threema can be used completely anonymously, allows to make end-to-end encrypted voice and video calls, and offers every feature one would expect from a state-of-the-art instant messenger. Why Threema. (This parameter overrides all parameters listed below.). Threema Broadcast is the tool for versatile, secure, and straightforward top-down communications. *) Threema reserves the right to review an organization’s eligibility at any time; if the eligibility criteria are not met, the discount will be withdrawn. To resolve this issue, please open the appropriate TCP ports. Build and Run. Threema kann völlig anonym verwendet werden und bietet alle Funktionen, die man von einem modernen Instant Messenger erwartet. An email address or phone number can only be linked to one Threema ID at a time. Threema Safe allows to automatically create backups of your users’ most important Threema data and settings on a regular basis. Auch Threema Work ist kostenpflichtig, zwar kann die App für iOS und Android kostenlos geladen werden, aber ohne den Erwerb eines der drei Pakete kommt man mit der App nicht weiter. To prevent your users from exporting their Threema ID, set the parameter th_disable_id_export to Wir nutzen die App seit ca. Only the … Chat contents will not be transferred when switching from one app to the other. Threema is trusted by millions and known for its unparalleled security and privacy protection. Swiss people tend to value a good work/life balance and that may not work for SV type startups. You will receive an invoice via email, payable within 30 days. Billing address in the European Union will be overwritten, while the rest of the configuration defined in the MDM system remains Threema Work is an affordable way to make mobile communication with colleagues, partners and customers secure and compliant with data-privacy standards. Configure the app easily in the Threema Work management cockpit also when lacking an additional MDM In Threema Work for Android, users can create data backups. Threema Work ist die sichere Kommunkationsplattform für Unternehmen. For companies with low requirements in terms of customization, administration, and automation, For companies with high standards regarding customization, administration, and automation, For anyone who wants to try out Threema Work free of charge and without any obligation, Get a complete list of all active licenses and users, Add administrators and define access privileges, Integrate your own form for first-level support into the app, Show data evaluation of your subscription, Make contacts available and mark internal contacts, Revoke IDs and prevent access to future chats, Control app settings in the management cockpit, Reach users via feeds, distribution lists, bots, and groups. The less metadata is generated in the first place, the less it can be misused, be it by corporations, advertisers, or governmental surveillance activities. App use on mobile device (smartphone or tablet). Any management task that can be completed using the management cockpit can be completed using the API, for example: Broadcast: Groups, feeds, and distribution lists. Threema is the world’s best selling secure messenger and keeps your data out of the hands of hackers corporations and governments. To use Threema Work on your desktop, a mobile device on which Threema Work is installed is required; however, no additional license is necessary. Restrict communication to internal contacts (Closed user group). Threema Work, das vom Kultusministerium Baden-Württemberg ab April 2020 in der Variante Education gestaffelt an die staatlichen Lehrkräfte an öffentlichen Schulen ausgerollt wird, ist speziell auf die Nutzung in Organisationen und Bildungseinrichtungen zugeschnitten. Home; Why no WhatsApp? Threema Broadcast is included in Threema Work Enterprise. Activate the parameter, and leave the setting. This helps anonymize the users to a degree. Acquire and distribute platform-independent licenses, Detach or revoke IDs when staff changes occur, Prevent access to future chats when employees leave the company. Threema is the messenger that puts security and privacy … We don’t require a data-processing agreement, but we provide a standard agreement. ‎Threema ist der weltweit meistverkaufte sichere Messenger und schützt Ihre Daten vor dem Zugriff durch Hacker, Unternehmen und Regierungen. If you have already set th_safe_enable to true or false, you need to delete this parameter in order to allow your users to use Threema Safe. For example, if only one parameter is set in Threema MDM, only this one parameter Threema GmbH. First, make sure that the required number of credentials is available. Threema Work ist ein Ende-zu-Ende-verschlüsselter Messenger zur Nutzung auf Smartphones, Tablets und Desktop-Geräten. Overview of key advantages: Threema is trusted by millions. Find the appropriate credentials, and click on the trash-can icon to delete the credentials. Hallo zusammen,ich habe seit kurzem Threema Work installiert und finde es ziemlich unübersichtlich, dass dort jetzt meine ganzen privaten Threema-Kontakte auch auftauchen (mit dem Häuschen-Symbol).