In this way, specific application problems can drive further development in basic computer science. The following categories of applicants are eligible for the master’s programme without an admissions procedure: 1. 1K likes. Graduates of the following bachelor’s programmes at TU Graz: 2. The master's degree programme Computer Science consists of a major subject (major), a minor subject (minor), a free-choice subject and a master’s thesis. More To enter the master’s programme, you have to undergo an admissions procedure. They have to be passed during the master's degree programme to establish full equivalence. This technology opens avenues to countless new applications that will have a huge impact on society. The contents of this page can only be viewed at the institute. You may choose 2 out of 12 areas of specialization, in which you wish to develop your expertise. Filter by lecturer Enter your contact details here so that we can get … Graz University of Technology Rechbauerstraße 12 8010 GRAZ AUSTRIA Phone: +43 316 873 0 Fax: +43 316 873 6009 E-Mail: info Campus map Opening hours: 6 am – 8 pm Information and service points. Dr.techn. I’m interested in defining the true essence of things, digging right down to the core of the matter, and teasing out what’s hidden behind a line of code. Our Redesigned Major in Information Security View more. Robotics (as a major or minor): You learn which methods can be used to develop intelligent robots and systems. You have the opportunity to complete a study period abroad, providing the ideal complement to your degree programme. You also take a closer look at methods used for deep learning and reinforcement learning. It also laid the foundation for research internships abroad. In addition to acquiring basic theoretical knowledge about navigation, computer vision, machine learning, knowledge representation, decision-making, or speech comprehension, you also acquire the ability to design, apply and validate intelligent systems. Tip: Use Ctrl + and Crtl - to change the font size. Working on my master's thesis perfectly prepared me for cutting-edge research and my current occupation as a researcher and PhD student in the field of virtual reality. You learn the fundamentals of multivariate statistics as well as methods used in dimensional reduction, classification and experimental design. According to the curriculum, graduates of the following bachelor’s programmes offered at TU Graz and University of Graz will be accepted without an admission procedure (in part with with stipulations): Graduates of all other degree programmes offered at the TU Graz or, in the case of a NAWI Graz programme, the University of Graz, as well as graduates of the programmes listed on, also do not have to undergo the admission procedure. At ITI, we strive for highest-quality teaching through continuous training of our teaching staff. Hugo KARRE of Graz University of Technology, Graz (TU Graz) | Read 9 publications | Contact Hugo KARRE And a Master program (taught in English). Dr. Website, Wireless Networking Kay RÖMER Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Inform. Graz University of Technology (German: Technische Universität Graz, short TU Graz) is one of five universities in Styria, Austria.It was founded in 1811 by Archduke John of Austria and currently comprises seven faculties.The university is a public university.It offers 18 bachelors and 33 masters study programmes (of which 16 are in English) across all technology and natural science disciplines. Intelligent Systems (as a major or minor): You deepen your knowledge in the field of artificial intelligence and learn more about knowledge representation and inference methods. Stipends for Information Security Master's View more. In addition to mastering the theoretical basics in these areas, you will learn how to apply these in practice. Never before in history has there been such a rapid growth in knowledge as in areas of information technology. Studying a subject in depth, applying knowledge in practical projects, doing research autonomously, studying abroad – all of these elements can feature in a TU Graz master’s degree programme, which is the next stage after a bachelor’s degree and is designed to prepare students to enter a relevant profession.. Visiting Professorship: University of Glasgow School of Mathematics and Statistics Glasgow G12 8QW, UK Students of TU Graz can apply for thesis scholarships for writing master’s and doctoral theses. The degrees Diplom-Ingenieurin or Diplom-Ingenieur (DI or Dipl.-Ing.) The master's programme allows for a great deal of freedom of choice: Students can shape the curriculum to fulfil their own wishes and meet their expectations. in smartphones and apps or in robotic systems. Registration period for the academic year 2022/23: 15 October to 15 December 2021. Students can apply for an exemption from tuition fees if they can prove that they have played a leading role in a student team for at least two semesters during the last two years of their bachelor’s, master’s, or doctoral studies at TU Graz. This research is anchored in the Field of Expertise “Advanced Materials Science”, one of five strategic research core areas of TU Graz . Checklist | Additional information for Electrical and Audio Engineering Master Theses You work on projects with fellow students, and teams from industry and international research. TU Graz. Master (Seminar) Projects The main focus of a Master (Seminar) Project is to investigate a specific topic of your major or minor area of specialisation. Es gilt bis auf weiteres "90/10" statt "80/40". In the master's degree programme, we offer a wide range of opportunities to specialise in specific areas of cybersecurity. You learn to use both formal mathematical and engineering methods and to integrate findings from natural science and technology into computer science. For further information, please contact the Dean of Studies. ... Master student Christian Gaisl receives WKO grant View more. Website, Wireless Communications Klaus WITRISAL Assoc.Prof. All other programme applicants must undergo the admission procedure. One of the biggest challenges being faced is dependability of the Internet of Things. Graduates of the degree programme have both abstract and model-oriented thinking skills. Internet address: Dipl.-Ing. Academic year 2022/23. 501, 504, 505: Steyrergasse 30, 8010 Graz. Students benefit from accessing the teaching staff’s research network and can conduct thesis work at top universities, such as RWTH Aachen, ETH Zurich, or Stanford University. Founded in 1811, the Graz University of Technology has three main campuses. TU Graz and the University of Ljubljana have teamed up to offer a specialised double-degree programme in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I was able to do all these things and more in the master’s degree programme in Information and Computer Engineering offered at TU Graz. Address. If the completed bachelor/diploma programme is not equivalent, because more than 30 ECTS-points shall be prescribed to establish full equivalence, the admission at TU Wien is not possible! Website, Formal Verification Roderick BLOEM Univ.-Prof. Ph.D. Website, IT Security Stefan MANGARD Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. 5 Finalists from TU Graz @ Austrian Cyber Security Challenge 2020 View more. By examining the arrangement of the atoms and considering how electrons move among the atoms, it is possible to understand many macroscopic properties of materials such as their elasticity, electrical conductivity, or optical properties. Visual Computing (as a major or minor): You learn about computer graphics, image processing, geometric modelling, virtual and augmented reality and information visualisation. In addition, you familiarise yourself with web technologies and evaluation methods. Students have a great deal of freedom when choosing court content. In that endeavor, Michael Krisper has earned the first overall Teaching Academy "Advanced" certification at TU Graz. Dr.techn. Institute of Innovation and Industrial Management - IIM at TU Graz, Graz. Critical applications in the areas of health, transportation or production always need to function flawlessly, even if they are exposed to disruptive influences and targeted attacks. They design, operate, and evaluate complex hardware and software systems in the area of information technology, the automotive industry, and telecommunications. Students have access to excellent research infrastructure, including. Students even have the opportunity to follow up on their master’s thesis by performing specialised dissertation research. Filter by education level. Two of these are in the center of Graz, while the third is to the southeast of the city. You work nationally and internationally, independently, or as an employee, e.g. Contact details. The teaching academy is a new qualification program to promote higher education and lecturer's training at TU Graz. You make contributions in the form of the conception, programming, or development of algorithms. You focus on practical aspects related to applying and using security mechanisms and understand the principles underlying these mechanisms. In the master’s degree programme Information and Computer Engineering taught in English at TU Graz, you work with internationally-renowned scientists and teams from industry and research on the technologies of the future. In the end, you can choose between multiple job offers. Here, all current topics are presented. After graduation, I started working as a data scientist. Examples include privacy aspects of the Corona App, ongoing worldwide standardisation procedures in the field of cryptography, as well as discussions and practical exercises related to the latest cyber-attacks and protection measures. *NAWI Graz degree programme. Then the TU Graz Racing Team is the right place for you! You conduct research at universities, other research institutions and industrial research and development departments. Dr. techn. The admission procedure has already been completed. In the master’s programme Mechanical Engineering at TU Graz, you can deepen your knowledge in individual areas of mechnical engineering and specialise in 2 fields.Using advanced simulation and computer-aided design methods in fully equipped laboratories, you can pursue your studies while keeping pace with the latest trends. More information for students of TU Graz on how to apply is available on the page of each Dean's Office the intranet TU 4U. The members of the Faculty of Architecture at TU Graz understand architecture as a discipline whose effects on the quality of the environment we live in are deep, extensive and lasting – one that is embedded in contemporary societal, cultural, artistic and technical developments. Information Security (as a major or minor): You learn more about the challenge inherent in making the digital world more secure and, for example, how to create secure systems such as ATM cards or chips. Solid state physics is the study of how atoms arrange themselves into solids and what properties these solids have. Das Institut für Verbrennungskraftmaschinen und Thermodynamik der Technischen Universität Graz hat es sich zum Ziel gesetzt, im vernetzten System Energie, Motor, Verkehr und Umwelt innovative und international anerkannte Lehre und Forschung zu betreiben und insbesondere zur Lösung umweltrelevanter Fragestellungen beizutragen. You learn how to handle the rapid development of information technologies and electrical engineering and how to update your own knowledge independently. go to main content go to main menu go to right sidebar go to ... We have new interesting and challenging topics for several Master Thesis. Welcome to the LAMPSe - Laboratory of Applied Materials for Printed and Soft electronics Institute of Solid State Physics, TU Graz, Austria You can develop an initial game prototype. Graz University of TechnologyRechbauerstraße 128010 GRAZAUSTRIAPhone: +43 316 873 0 Fax: +43 316 873 6009E-Mail: infonoSpam@tugraz.atwww.tugraz.atCampus mapOpening hours: 6 am – 8 pm, Campus Alte TechnikRechbauerstraße 12Phone: +43 316 873, Campus Neue TechnikStremayrgasse 16Phone: +43 316 873, Campus InffeldgasseInffeldgasse 25DPhone: +43 316 873, Information from TU Graz on dealing with COVID-2019, News+Stories Library Job Vacancies Media Service Events. And now you want to know how everyday life works at a university, or what future perspectives do you have when studying your choice? You can apply for admission at the Registration Office. TU Graz Portfolio of Affiliated Companies, Representative Bodies for Members of TU Graz, Overview: Degree and Certificate Programmes, Overview: International: Studying & Teaching, Internationals at TU Graz - COVID-19 Information, Competence Centres and Research Companies, Business Enterprises – Start-ups and Spin-offs, Faculty of Electrical and Information Engineering, Faculty of Computer Science and Biomedical Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Economic Sciences, Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Geodesy, Faculty of Technical Chemistry, Chemical and Process Engineering, Biotechnology, Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Audio Engineering, Environmental System Sciences / Climate Change and Environmental Technology, Construction Management and Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Business Economics, Master's degree programme Biomedical Engineering, Study Guide by the student representatives, Research and Technology Advisory Committee,, Master's degree programme Electrical Engineering, Research Centre Dependable Internet of Things. I particularly enjoyed that I could select various subjects and courses, specifically tailoring the study plan to my interests. They frequently manage departments or projects. The master’s program Computer Science taught in English at TU Graz offers you a vast number of opportunities to specialize in a particular field. Website, Graz University of TechnologyRechbauerstraße 128010 GRAZAUSTRIAPhone: +43 316 873 0 Fax: +43 316 873 6009E-Mail: infonoSpam@tugraz.atwww.tugraz.atCampus mapOpening hours: 6 am – 8 pm, Campus Alte TechnikRechbauerstraße 12Phone: +43 316 873, Campus Neue TechnikStremayrgasse 16Phone: +43 316 873, Campus InffeldgasseInffeldgasse 25DPhone: +43 316 873, Information from TU Graz on dealing with COVID-2019, News+Stories Library Job Vacancies Media Service Events. Supplementary Mathematical Foundations (minor): Numerical approximation methods are essential for the simulation of technical processes. You also learn, for example, technologies that can be used for data representation, navigation and presentation. Website, Machine Learning Franz PERNKOPF Assoc.Prof. Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) Faculty of Engineering Science and Technology 7491 Trondheim, Norway. By taking a diversity of elective courses and completing the master’s thesis, I was able to deepen my knowledge in a specific area. Dipl.-Ing. ... whether in your own project or in bachelor and master theses. Further informationen on registration and admission, International degree programme applicants: admission and application deadlines. I was particularly fascinated by the Internet of Things. Software Technology (as a major or minor): You explore advanced techniques that are relevant to the development of complex and critical software. #Wissen #Technik #Leidenschaft. With the support of a mentor, you specialise in two fields. All AddCours Master PhD Bakk. Data Science (as a major or minor): You learn how to perform data mining and become familiar with the architecture of modern machine learning systems. The Mathematical Doctoral School hosts two DK programmes funded by FWF: Discrete Mathematics, and the IGDK. Since I’m planning to remain in science in the future, I decided to pursue a doctorate in this field. Werner Weselak; impressum edit edit In the master’s degree programme in Computer Science, I was able to specialise in my personal favourite topic: IT Security. Dr.techn., Microwave Engineering Wolfgang BOESCH Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. First lead project at the TU Graz: Dependable Internet of Things in Adverse Environments. The five Mathematics institutes are located in the Neue Technik Campus area . You learn how to identify the correct approach to use to solve problems and to design and apply user interfaces. Further information about Information Security. smartphones and apps or robotic systems. At present, as CIO & CDO at the IBS Paper Performance Group, I'm responsible for the company's information technology and its digital transformation. You have the opportunity to participate in research and industrial projects during the course of your studies. There is no need to enrol in the bachelor's programme. Graz je naročito popularan kod KrajiÅ¡nika, obzirom da im do kuće treba oko pet sati vožnje (toliko im treba i d Each faculty awards two thesis scholarships, of 750 to 3.600 Euro, per year. Study programmes at the Graz University of Technology comprise bachelor programmes (BSc) and master … You choose three from the following ten areas for a total of at least 40 ECTS to major in the Internet of Things: You can find more specific information about the content, courses and mentors in each area here: Overview of the subject areas. Machine Learning (as a major or minor): You learn fundamental mathematical skills and how to use machine and autonomous learning. Furthermore, you learn how to apply artificial intelligence techniques to software engineering. Dr.rer.nat. Alternatively you can choose the Major in Internet of Things. Institute of Biomechanics, Graz University of Technology. Advanced Testing Techniques Bernhard AICHERNIG Ao.Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Operations at the joint SGS-TU Graz research center at Cybersecurity Campus Graz will be launched during this year. They conduct research at universities, other research institutions, and research and development departments in business. You learn how to present project results in reports and lectures in a scientifically correct manner. 7.3K likes. The degree programme is a successful mixture of theory and application, in which hardware and software are smoothly united to create an exciting symbiosis. I was able to do all these things and more in the master’s degree programme in Information and Computer Engineering offered at TU Graz. It is possible to conduct research and industrial projects with regional cooperation partners such as AVL, Magna or Infineon, providing insights into practical applications. Institute of Thermal Turbomachinery and Machine Dynamics. For example, you perform statistical analyses on large amounts of data. Registration for the academic year 2022/23: 15 October to 15 December 2021. I study Information and Computer Engineering because it’s extremely exciting being part of new technological developments right from the beginning. Graduates have a variety of career opportunities: I completed my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Telematics (now: Information and Computer Engineering) at TU Graz. Tip: Use Ctrl + and Crtl - to change the font size., Deeply Embedded Systems Marcel BAUNACH Univ.-Prof. Dipl.-Inf. The systems you design are used, e.g. The areas of application range from medicine to industrial automation. Students holding a bachelor's degree from an educational institution other than TU Wien may be required to sit additional exams. In industrial manufacturing, products and machines communicate with one another, enabling the manufacture of customized products at a low cost, and much more. Register now using the form below to geht more infos about the 2021 season! Applied Computer Sciences Building, Energy & Society Engineering Health Studies Management Media & Design Our Master’s degree programmes Applied Computer Sciences Data and Information Science Master's Programme, Work-friendly, Graz Applied Computer Sciences eHealth Master's Programme, Work-friendly, Graz Applied Computer Sciences IT & Mobile Security Master's Programme, Part-time, … 👨 🎓🥳🤓 Soon your studies will start at TU Graz. Graz sa svoja četiri javna univerziteta i oko 40.000 studenata predstavlja pravi univerzitetski grad. At the time, I thought that this was a good idea and, thinking back on that time, I can only confirm that. Your master’s thesis will be supervised by teaching staff at the TU Graz and teaching staff at the University of Ljubljana. Registration for the academic year 2022/23: 15 October to 15 December 2021 Open Tenure Track Position View more. in industry, young start-up companies, or in the service sector. Furthermore, you familiarise yourself with natural language processing and intelligent user interfaces. Intelligent pipelines locate leaks quickly and cost-effectively. Support is also provided for master's thesis work in cooperation with local industry partners and for stays abroad. Supplementary Statistics (minor): You learn how to use methods to model and analyse dependent variables. In the master's degree programme Computer Science, you expand and deepen your fundamental knowledge in the field, as well as knowledge about systematic and automated information processing technologies and applications. You design, operate and assess complex hardware and software systems in the information technology field, the automotive industry and in telecommunications. Supplementary Embedded and Mobile Systems (minor): You learn more about the architecture of embedded systems and their hardware and software, such as microcontrollers and basic software. I still remember clearly that there was a lot of fundamental information to learn during the bachelor's degree programme, but a great deal of freedom was permitted in the master's degree programme. You can specialise still further in the following focal areas: Algorithms and Theoretical Computer Science (as a major or minor): You learn the fundamentals of probability and information theory. Interactive and Visual Information Systems (as a major or minor): You explore the design, development and evaluation of user-based information systems. Games Engineering (as a major or minor): You acquire both fundamental and more detailed knowledge about game development, game design, real-time graphics and simulation and animation techniques. Dr.mont. TU Graz. Graduates of all other degree programmes offered at the TU Graz can apply for admission at the Registration Office without an admission procedure.